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Join FMB  today and be a part of a community aware, supportive and inclusive network of like-minded people.   


Benefits of volunteering at Feed Me Bellarine


Feed Me Bellarine volunteers are part of a unique community coming together for one common goal. Other benefits include:

  • making a positive impact on the environment;

  • nourishing the Bellarine community;

  • forming valuable and lasting social connections;

  • learning new and transferable skills;

  • gaining working experience; and

  • being part of a united, supportive, caring and inclusive network of passionate volunteers.


“We have created a community for the community. We help each other to help each other.” (Ant)


Volunteer membership costs $25.00 for 12 months. This contributes to our basic overhead costs. We also require a Working With Children check (for Volunteer organisations) and a referee.


Send us an email - to register your interest in volunteering with us.

What our volunteers say...

" I believe in what we do, and it feels good to make a difference" Sharon

"Its a good time in our lives to be give back " Craig and Lyn

"Its my happy place.  Love the FMB family" Edwina 

"We are giving  people space, time and maybe a chance to help themselves.  Also to show them that they are not alone"

Lana (co - founder FMB) 

"I have purpose..Purpose to help those that are hungry and purpose to help the environment. FMB's mission speaks to me.  That's why I am here." Rachael

"We have created a community for the community. We help each other to help each other. "Ant (co - founder FMB) 

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