Chefs Notes #2

Updated: Sep 8, 2019

Chefs Notes

A lot of people that give back to the community find a sense of joy/relief/pride and I do and absolutely love being a part of theirs and my experience.

What I thought I began with being a Good Samaritan has began to change in the last couple of weeks.

You see every person or house I reach out to has seen me re live all my demons. In every situation I go to I seem to find myself reliving times in my life. From mum accepting food I look back at my own mother and really struggle because I didn’t know better. I didn’t know that her accepting salvos or smith family stuff was because she was trying to feed three boys.

My mother would cop all sorts of abuse from her boys when we were getting food or presents or the times she would take us to get clothes. So now I relive these times and for all those children that do have to experience this, and it might be embarrassing to you but your parents aren’t embarrassed they are strong and only doing what they can.

I remember my mother going through the local tip and finding bags of clothes because back then our weekend fun was going to the rubbish tip.

She used to hide the clothes for days and then give them to us. My mother did what she could and it’s only recently I’ve learnt to actually appreciate her strength and vulnerability in asking for help.

I take my hat off to any father, mother or guardian that comes forward because I know it’s not about getting stuff for free because if you didn’t have to you wouldn’t.

I know because of the last couple of weeks that it is out of love and need that anyone that asks for help is asking.

So my message is to those that are in need and are wanting a hand up, whether you have children or a spouse or are even by yourself and don’t want to come forward because of embarrassment, please it’s not a hand out but a hand up.

Eventually people and the children around you will respect that you have reached out as I now have complete love and respect for my mother... it’s never to late.

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