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Our Wasted Market is a community space created to help those in need on the Bellarine.

There is no need to register, no need to identify yourself, and no need to explain why you are here. 

Our mission is to provide people with access to food items that would otherwise go to waste. 

We believe in a take what you need, pay what you can policy.

Take what you need:

To feed your family, friends, neighbours.

But not to stock your pantry or fill your fridge & freezer.

Come as often as you like - take what you need until you can visit again.


Leave what you can:

Leave something for others - think of others.

We have enough for everyone, but only if we all consider others.

Leave a donation that is okay for you, within your budget, what you can afford, that gives you some reprieve, if you can.

Can’t leave a donation?

That’s okay - it really is.

A smile, a nod, a Thankyou.

The person before you, the person after you, the one you may never know - they’ve got you covered.

Sometimes the deepest donations aren’t monetary.


All are welcome, and we strive to create a safe and inclusive space for everyone.

We thank our generous donors and volunteers who make our work possible.

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