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Feed Me Bellarine

24 Sinclair St 
Ocean Grove 


Warehouse 9 
9 Cylinders Drive


Feed Me Surf Coast

Feed Me Geelong

44 Westmoreland St 
St Albans Park  


Check our social media for opening days and times. We all operate differently 


Feed Me was established by Lana Purcell and head chef Ant in 2019. Using their own story of mental health and struggles in life they both found themselves together in an industry that is built on money and overwhelm.



Hospitality and cheffing is an incredibly hard industry and most that pursue it as a career reach burnout, overwhelm and suffer greatly personally and mentally with life and family.


Together they designed a new way to tackle food waste, meal creation, mental health and community engagement. Taking perfectly good food waste and feeding those in need as well as joining our caring community in working together a wave of Feed Me has taken over the region with No Questions and No Agenda.

Hunger is a serious issue that goes largely unnoticed – THE HIDDEN CATASTROPHE. Food rescue is the foundation of Feed Me a foundation built on to provide many vulnerable families and communities with a regular supply of fresh nutritious food. Our vision was to create a community space run primarily by volunteers that can rescue, reuse and re-purpose food waste with respect and dignity for the product and for the people that will be consuming the product. Our chefs cook with passion and purpose to create meals that all can be proud of. Being needy does not mean you should get second best. What we have come to realize in 2023 is that our community connection in our locations is on par with the importance of the food that we are able to feed the community with as well. The growth in the volunteers shows that having a space to connect and share with each other is paramount to our own health and well-being. Extending these spaces to the community has had a tangible effect on the mental health of those who visit us.

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